Countdown to Camp: Veterans

The Arizona Cardinals feature 13 players with eight-plus years of experience in the NFL. Some of these salty vets head into camp with a starting role secured, while others will have to outplay athletes more than 10 years their junior. Who will take the young players to school and who will get schooled? dishes out a veteran rundown.
July 30, 2010

Defensive Outlook: The Front Seven

It was an up and down season for the Cardinals' defense in 2009, and it ended in ugly fashion when the team gave up 45 points in consecutive playoff games. To make matters worse, the front seven took a big hit with the departure of Karlos Dansby. The front office has worked to add a few pieces to this unit, but there are still several needs at various positions. Andy Bishop explains.
April 5, 2010

Cardinals Look for Leinart's Competition

It appears coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't going to hand the starting quarterback's job to Matt Leinart. Instead, Whisenhunt is looking for an experienced quarterback who can push Leinart and be a productive starter if Leinart falters or is injured.
March 12, 2010

Cardinals: Still More Questions Than Answers

Quarterback Matt Leinart has been in the NFL for four years, but many people, including some teammates, aren't sure how he'll fare as a starter. Leinart has played behind Kurt Warner the past two years, and his playing time was minimal. When he did play in 2009, he struggled. Leinart long has been a polarizing figure for fans, who seem to either love or hate him.
February 12, 2010

Emphasis Still on Week One's Loss to SF

The Cardinals probably will say all the right things this week, about respecting the 49ers, about how the 49ers play them as well as anyone. That all might be true, but it's also true the Cardinals have pointed to this game since losing to the 49ers in the season opener.
December 10, 2009

Five to Watch: Cardinals at Titans

The Arizona Cardinals look to snap the Tennessee Titans four-game winning streak. The Cardinals also hope to stay perfect on the road under the guidance of veteran quarterback Kurt Warner. Here are five other players who will make that happen.
November 27, 2009

No Down Time for Coach Ken Whisenhunt

Coach Ken Whisenhunt hasn't had any down time in the weeks since Super Bowl XLIII, thanks to the need to make over his coaching staff. Whisenhunt had to replace both coordinators and a quarterbacks coach, and since he likes to promote from within, that created even more openings.
February 20, 2009

Cardinals Team Needs, Offseason Strategy

The Cardinals would like re-sign inside linebacker Karlos Dansby and quarterback Kurt Warner before free agency begins at the end of the month. That will be a challenge, however. The talks with Dansby's agent are still in the preliminary stages, and it's more likely the club will use its franchise tag on him to buy additional time. And there's more...
February 13, 2009