With Cuts Looming, Browns Try Not to Sweat

Zac Jackson takes a look the the worst weekend of the year for many players and all coaches...
August 31, 2010

Greetham: Looking Inside

Out of the team's thirteen LBs on the roster, which will be able to help inside? Fred Greetham continues his unit-by-unit analysis of the Browns...
July 20, 2010

Browns OLBs Hope to Provide the Pressure

While Mangini and Ryan will move players all around, these are some who may line up outside...
July 16, 2010

Bowens: Steelers Fled the Field

The Steelers seemed more than happy to hightail it back to the locker room after the gun. Browns LB David Bowens talks about his key pass defense on the Steelers last play, and how the Steelers didn't stick around to shake hands.
December 11, 2009

Linebacker: Could Bowens Start?

The Browns needed a quick-fix at linebacker. What role will the former Jets play?
July 26, 2009