Backup Plan

With Rex Grossman and Jonathan Quinn cemented as the starter and backup respectively the Bears are likely to try and add a third quarterback on the second day of the draft.
April 6, 2004

Packers sign Akili Smith

The Packers signed QB Akili Smith, the Cincinnati Bengals' first round pick in 1999, as a free agent this weekend.<P>
June 14, 2003

Coach Randy Walker's Comments from Friday

NU's Coach talks about the season ahead, player changes, and other things after Friday's Practice...
April 8, 2003

NU Sports News Digest for Sunday 2/9

Last week was Ecstasy then Agony for the <b>Court Cats </b>- A look at all sides of the <font color="#cc0000"><b>Wisconsin </b></font>Game, then a look ahead to <b>Purdue</b> The <b>Women </b>are off to play <font color="#000099"><b>Michigan</b></font> - The Other Court Cats [<b>Tennis</b>] get a big win...Then there are all the rest of the Winter Sports; <b>Swimming, Wrestling, Fencing</b> and <b>Golf</b>, and an <b>Alum </b>gets a new Job with the <font color="#006600"><b>Pack</b>
February 9, 2003

Coach Roy's Random Thoughts - Parallels

There are more parallels in Saturday's game than just a chance for revenge...
November 8, 2002