Leading Man

Fullback Marc Edwards was signed by the Bears on the eve of training camp because of the injuries to backup Jason McKie and starter Bryan Johnson.
October 29, 2005

Edwards is New Leading Man

The recent rash of injuries at fullback sent the Bears scrambling for depth at the position. Friday the problem was addressed with the addition of veteran FB Marc Edwards.
July 22, 2005

Team Report: Patriots

With the draft fast approaching, the Patriots seem to be working furiously to address their obvious needs before asking unproven college talent to fill their remaining holes. But while the club has entertained various free agents over the past couple of weeks, it has yet to reel in the likes of Jeff Zgonina, Andy McCollum, Cedric Woodard or Oronde Gadsden - three of which are now off the market.
April 14, 2003

Team Notes: New England Patriots

Bill Belichick knows that success or failure closest to the ball has a great impact on winning or losing, and last year, his team struggled more than he ever could have anticipated on the offensive and defensive lines.
April 7, 2003