Tidbits: Issues at ILB

Big changes in store inside? Plus more about Eric Steinbach and the RB battle. Lane brings the 411 once more as the OBR gets back in to training camp form. Just over a week away from the vets arriving for camp!
July 22, 2010

Greetham: Looking Inside

Out of the team's thirteen LBs on the roster, which will be able to help inside? Fred Greetham continues his unit-by-unit analysis of the Browns...
July 20, 2010

Linebacker: Could Bowens Start?

The Browns needed a quick-fix at linebacker. What role will the former Jets play?
July 26, 2009

In-Box: Questioning Direction

Now that Browns fans have had some time to digest the team's draft, they're returned with some pointed questions about the team's strategy. Veikune's eventual role, thinking behind Massaquoi's pick, and more...
May 9, 2009

Browns Sign Eric Barton

Another linebacker is the latest New York Jet to jump on a plane to Cleveland. The Browns have tonight announced that Eric Barton has joined Floyd Womack as the newest member of the Cleveland Browns.
March 13, 2009