Williams heads PUP list

Oakland Raiders tight end Roland Williams is one of four Raiders placed on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list Thursday.
July 24, 2003

Raiders Draft Outlook: Cornerback

The Raiders have an outstanding set of cornerbacks but health is an issue.
April 11, 2003

Could the Raiders be in Primetime?

"If Al Davis feels it's a good goal, then it's a good goal. I'm one of the guys that is behind the scenes. I will accept him and welcome him with open arms. If he can add chemistry to the team and not deviate from it, I welcome him. How can you not accept a guy like Deion?" -- Raiders running back Tyrone Wheatley
December 23, 2002

Woodson reveals injury but plans to suit up

"I feel like I can physically go. It's getting better everyday. I couldn't run or put any pressure on it but I've got to go." -- Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson
December 16, 2002