Defensive Backs Look To Redeem Themselves

If the first day of training camp means anything at all, Dewayne Washington should consider himself redeemed. <br><br> The Steelers cornerback stole the show Sunday by tipping the first pass of camp into the hands of safety Brent Alexander and later returned his own interception for a touchdown.
July 27, 2003

SnapShot: Russell Stuvaints

His phone won't stop ringing because his family and friends from McKeesport are either a.) Deliriously happy their boy is with the Steelers, b.) Looking for tickets, or c.) Both. <br><br> He's a little busy, though. The former Tigers running back is immersed in his playbook. He's still trying to get the hang of his new position at strong safety.
June 14, 2003

Howard All But Finished with Vikes

In the NFL, injuries take a toll and end careers -- some prematurely. As the Vikings look ahead to to 2003, VU has been told it will be without DT Willie Howard.
June 4, 2003

Today's The Day...Sort Of

June 1 is annually a big day in the NFL. It's the start of the league's fiscal year and a time when teams off-load big salaries to spread the salary cap hit over two seasons instead of one. But, this year, June 1 isn't quite as significant.
June 1, 2003

Developmental Camp Notes: Day One

Head coach Mike Tice is big on work ethic, and the dedication of his players showed today with the first of 11 voluntary developmental camp practices. Only three players were missing, each with a legitimate excuse, and a few of the injured players from earlier this month were competing in drills.
May 28, 2003

Contemplating Pickups

If the Vikings go shopping for free agents released in June, we are told there is only one player who they expect to be released that could really fit their needs.
May 16, 2003