Chargers sign Luis Castillo; waive Jesse Chatman

The San Diego Chargers signed defensive lineman Luis Castillo to a five-year contract on Tuesday and waived running back Jesse Chatman.
July 26, 2005

Chargers camp battle preview: Backup RB

The Battle: Although there are no questions as to who the Chargers starting running back will be this season, given LaDainian Tomlinson's all-everything stature, there are plenty of questions behind him. "We have put last year behind us," said Tomlinson in reference to the team's 12-4 season and his lingering groin injury. "We have to work towards a new year." And the backs vying for the backup role will have a battle in this new year, heightened by Darren Sproles' minicamp performance.
June 14, 2005

If I were a carpenter...

While LaDainian Tomlinson and Donnie Edwards are undoubtedly spectacular players, they were not the reason for the Chargers success last season. After all, in 2003 Tomlinson led the league with 2,370 yards from scrimmage and Edwards registered a remarkable 200 total tackles, and the Chargers were still the worst team in the league.
May 11, 2005

Chargers Review: Running Back

Seeing Pro Bowl running back LaDainian Tomlinson fight through obvious pain and contribute on a weekly basis defined how much he means to the San Diego Chargers. His livelihood is predicated on the health of his legs, groin and torso. When that equation is thrown into a flux, there simply is no way to go at 100 percent, but damn if Tomlinson didn't try.
January 21, 2005