Rams Make Move on Defensive Line

The Rams made a move to shore up their defensive line with the signing of Jason Fisk. Fisk was signed to a 1-year contract and he is expected to be at the team's final minicamp Friday. He is in his 12th year, which he expects will be his last.
June 8, 2006

Owl: Getting Technical

The Browns are quickly making a series of technical changes to their run defense after watching the Giants run through their first-team unit. He's what the Browns - especially linebacker Ben Taylor - are worried about as they get ready for the Lions. Analysis for football lunatics you won't find anywhere else!!
August 19, 2005

Camp Report: A Solid Fisk

Fred Greetham provides the first report from Tuesday morning's practice session, where he was able to talk to NT Jason Fisk. Fisk will be a critical component in the team's switch to a 3-4 defensive scheme, and he explains how he has had to adapt...
August 9, 2005

Camp Quotes: Day 2

Here's what on the minds of some Browns players following this morning's practice - exclusive answers to questions you largely won't see elsewhere. No commentary, no spin, just the words of the players about what they're thinking as they leave the field...
July 30, 2005

Man in the Middle

Jason Fisk has a chance to be a big part of the Browns defense in 2005. With the team likely to shift to a 3-4 defensive scheme, Fisk is currently being counted on to man the nose tackle position in the defensive line and tie up blockers so that the team's linebackers can do their job. Rich Swerbinsky had an opportunity to talk to Fisk recently for Bernie's Insiders Magazine. Here's part of that interview...
May 14, 2005