Dat Dude Blog: Rewind that please...

Marcellus Wiley's Blog: "Rewind that please........(The "LONG" Version)". Please Handle with Care....it's long, but necessary!
May 1, 2007

NFL News and Notes 2/23

NFL teams are making moves, and we have the latest rumors and transactions. Shaun Alexander, Plaxico Burress and Kevin Johnson head today's headlines, plus many more tidbits.
February 23, 2005

Was Wade Phillips Asked?

With the release of Marcellus Wiley, a move that saves the team little in 2004, one has to wonder if defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was asked his opinion. He is the new kid on the block and has brought with him a new defense. But does he have any say? Phillips was the same guy who got so much out of Wiley back in Buffalo yet he was not given a chance to make his reclamation project.
March 3, 2004