Benn savors his 'cup of coffee'

The term 'cup of coffee' in sports jargon usually refers to a minor league baseball player that gets called up long enough to play one or two games - long enough to have a 'cup of coffee' - before being demoted. Kyle Benn thought he already had his 'cup' after being picked up as a free agent by the Tennessee Titans after a storied career on the Washington offensive line, but life had another 'cup' waiting for him in the wings.
April 19, 2006

Notes from the Press Box

There were a lot of positives to take out of this game, and it was damn nice to see the Huskies get a win for their seniors on their final parade through the tunnel at Husky Stadium this afternoon. Although the running game is still anemic, the defense took the ball away five times, giving it to the offense three times and putting it into the endzone twice.
November 9, 2002