Q&A with Defense Coordinator Peter Sirmon

What was your view of the defensive showing at Kentucky? “You know, I thought the kids played well the first half. I thought the red zone, that was an improvement in the red zone. I think they were in there four times and had two field goals. Unfortunately they were scoring touchdowns outside of the red zone.”
Today at 6:52 PM

GPTV/Transcript Q&A with Peter Sirmon

Last week it was the Rockies. This week, the Bluegrass. Addresses and time zones change but two facts are the same for Mississippi State’s defense.
October 18, 2016

"It's A Coaching Thing"/Transcript Added

Coordinator Peter Sirmon isn’t just looking at this week’s matchup. He’s looking at himself, with regard to play-and-personnel decisions that have struggled to slow opposing offenses. “It’s a coaching thing,” the first-year coordinator said in Tuesday’s pre-practice interview.
October 11, 2016

Q&A: Sirmon Sees Tiger ‘Window Dressing’

There's a lot to watch on the Auburn offense. There's a lot not to watch, too, which might be of even more importance to Coach Peter Sirmon as he prepares the Bulldog defense for the annual challenge. Sirmon's squad might also benefit this week from the hoped-for return of defensive end/viper Will Coleman and cornerback Cedric Jiles, though that won't be known until Saturday's 11:00am kickoff at Scott Field.
October 6, 2016

Video/Transcript: Coach Peter Sirmon

How thorough is this week’s self-evaluation of the Bulldog defense? For just one example, coordinator Peter Sirmon said Wednesday’s pre-practice hours were spent studying every scoring series allowed in the first four games.
September 28, 2016

Defense "At a Crossroads" Video/Transcript

It’s an entirely-new opponent for every Bulldog. But since Peter Sirmon is still pretty new to Mississippi State himself, scheming for Massachusetts is just the latest quick study.
September 20, 2016

GPTV/Transcript: Sirmon on LSU Matchup

Of course they have all the usual missdirections and deceptions and eye candy. It’s just that Louisiana State rarely bothers. Pure power running and deep-strike throws serve the Tiger offense very well.
September 13, 2016

GPTV/Transcript: Coach Peter Sirmon

There’s no lack of problem-finders in this world, Peter Sirmon says. Problem-solvers are another matter, and this week the Mississippi State coordinator wants solvers to take care of Bulldog defensive problems.
September 7, 2016