On (and Under) Camera

It's been an eventful week for WVU football alumnus John Thornton. He's finalized plans to be the color analyst for two West Virginia games on Root Sports, and got run over by an ESPN camera truck during Sunday's win over Marshall.
September 6, 2011

7 Points: Getting Serious

Are the Lions back on track? Is the draft schedule change good or bad? Why does Chris Chambers need a big year in San Diego? Ed Thompson weighs in on those issues and shares insight from talks with Rams LB Larry Grant, Bills LB Nic Harris, veteran DL John Thornton and Steelers CB Anthony Madison.
July 27, 2009

Free Agent Q&A: John Thornton, Part 2

Former Bengals defensive lineman John Thornton talks about a nearby team that could be a good fit for him, how much longer he sees himself playing pro football, the likelihood that he'll be returning to the Bengals, and much more in the second half of this exclusive Scout.com interview with Ed Thompson.
March 1, 2009

Free Agent Spotlight: DL John Thornton

After four years with the Tennessee Titans and six more with the Cincinnati Bengals, unrestricted free agent John Thornton is ready to take his talent, experience and mentoring skills to his next NFL team. Get a veteran's perspective on free agency through as he talks with Scout.com's Ed Thompson.
March 1, 2009

Defense Seeking Some Success

The new defense of the Bengals has looked a lot like the old defenses of the team, which is to say not good. The Bengals have one final preseason game tonight at Indianapolis to work on techniques and schemes before the regular season gets started.
August 28, 2008

Can Bengals Defense Rise To The Challenge?

When the defense comes under fire whose fault is it, the players or the coach? That appears to be the main debate amongst league experts over Cincinnati's woeful defensive struggles. Yet in Cincinnati, the Bengals aren't too worried about the Patriots and their top ranked offense, or are they just bluffing? An inside look at Cincinnati's weakest link.
October 1, 2007