John Taylor: Circling The Browns

A few years ago, NFL insiders would chuckle when talking about the Cleveland Browns. Not any more. John Taylor bring us the word inside Berea and NFL offices about the Browns cornerback situation, Anderson vs. Quinn, RAC's comments on Jerome Harrison and much, much, more. You want the inside scoop? JT brings it.
August 17, 2008

Adkins: Down the Depth Chart

Hard decisions are coming, and Lane Adkins lays out how he would break it down. Optimism reigns in the realm of the Cleveland Browns, but weaknesses exist on the roster. The decisions being made this month will resonate throughout the season...
August 14, 2008

Cousin Steps Into the Void

With the losses of Daven Holly and Leigh Bodden, the Cleveland Browns needed help. Terry Cousin welcomed the opportunity and isn't afraid of jumping in. Marty Gitlin spoke to the new Cleveland Browns cornerback, who has gotten used to moving around the league...
June 18, 2008

Passan: Browns News and Views

Rich Passan has some takes on recent news out of Browns-land. Which is strange, because he's always been so quiet about his opinions in the past. Rich has never been one to risk disagreeing with someone else, and is always just looking to get along. Very strange, but here ya go...
June 9, 2008

Derry: Browns Fans... Don't Jump!

Is your personal Doom Meter in the red? Maybe it twitched a bit when Ryan Tucker got hurt, but when Daven Holly got injured it went into the red for some folks. But not everyone... OBR columnist Frank Derry offers his perspective on how early injury bad luck will impact the Browns.
May 25, 2008