Driver back to work

Two long weeks after suffering a hamstring strain, wider receiver Donald Driver returned to practice. <p> Driver is still hampered by the injury which kept him out of action since July 27, but he returned to form during two-minute drills at Clarke Hinkle Field.<P>
August 11, 2003

Game Day: Packers vs. Chiefs

Preseason games have their downside: potential for injury looms on every play; and our third-stringers playing against other third-stringers can paint an inaccurate picture. Besides, it doesn't count.<p> Despite the drawbacks, exhibition games are the light at the end of a long offseason. Tonight, the Packers finally step back onto the field, under the bright lights of Monday Night Football and the Hall of Fame Game.<P>
August 4, 2003

Kelly Avoids DWI Trial

Vikings V.P. Mike Kelly avoided a jury trial Monday for drunk driving charges stemming from a February incident, pleading to a lesser charge and having the case settled.
June 3, 2003

Position Overview: Running Backs

Stephen Davis, DeShaun Foster, Michael Bates, Dee Brown, Nick Goings, Skip Hicks, Brad Hoover, Casey Moore, Rod Smart.
May 21, 2003