Combine Buzz: Mike Brown, Part II

You don't just replace a player like Mike Brown, but the Chicago Bears are charged with that unenviable task this offseason. According to NFL Draft analyst Chris Steuber, team scouts have concentrated their efforts on one of the premier safety prospects. Who is he? Bear Report has some inside scoop ...
February 26, 2009

If the Bears Could Only Sign One ...

The Chicago Bears have several players currently on their roster that will become unrestricted free agents Feb. 27. Some of them will likely be back, while some of them certainly will not. But if Jerry Angelo could only re-sign one of them, JC knows who it should be. Do you agree?
February 18, 2009

Senior Bowl Buzz: A New Mike Brown?

Mike Brown is one of the elite safeties in Chicago Bears lore, but it's time to turn the page. GM Jerry Angelo cannot count on him anymore and appears ready to cut the cord. Team officials spent Tuesday at the Senior Bowl scouting three safety prospects. Who are they? Bear Report has the inside scoop ...
January 21, 2009

Year in Review: Safeties

The Cover 2 defense requires excellent play from both safety positions, but the Bears simply aren't getting it. Mike Brown can't remain healthy, Kevin Payne is undisciplined, and injuries just won't go away. Bear Report takes a look back at 2008 for the safeties while also looking ahead to 2009.
January 16, 2009

Defense Should Be Healthier in Week 9

The Chicago Bears need the upcoming bye week in the worst way. Even though they're 4-3 and atop the division, the secondary has been hurt by injuries and needs some time to heal. Both Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher should be ready by Week 9. Get the Inside Slant from the NFL experts at
October 21, 2008

Bears Inside Slant: Super Substitutes

The Chicago Bears were torn apart by injuries on the defensive side of the ball last season, finishing with a 7-9 record as a result. But so far this year, many reserves have stepped up to the challenge already and played as well as the starting unit. Get the Inside Slant from the NFL experts at
October 7, 2008