Roster moves

Here's a look at the roster moves made by the Packers' NFC North Division neighbors to reach the NFL-mandated 65-player roster limit.<p>
August 27, 2003

No surprises, so far

The Bears didn't have to trim the roster until Tuesday, but the team let go of 10 players today. Although there were no "big" names on the cut list, that could change in the next week.
August 24, 2003

Game notes

The Bears dropped a 15-10 decision to the <!--Default NodeId For Denver Broncos is 103,2003--><A HREF=>Denver Broncos</A> Saturday, but there were several interesting notes to come out of the game.
August 17, 2003

Troubling signs

Injuries weren't a problem last year they were an epidemic. While the team is relatively healthy in their last week of training camp there are signs of problems ahead.
August 12, 2003