Angelo: No Divide Between Coaches, Management

Bears GM Jerry Angelo says rumors of dissension inside the Bears' front office regarding the team's decision not to re-sign longtime center Olin Kreutz are far from the truth.
August 4, 2011

Was Kreutz Indispensable?

The loss of Olin Kreutz, over a matter of $500,000, sent ripple effect through the Chicago Bears locker room. His teammates were incredulous but in the long term, it might have been the right move.
August 4, 2011

Moving on without Olin Kreutz

It became official this weekend that the Chicago Bears and longtime center Olin Kreutz have parted ways. What can fans now expect from the team's offensive line in 2011 and beyond?
August 1, 2011

Hold ‘em or Fold ‘em: Olin Kreutz

Bear Report's free agency series focuses on whether the franchise should re-sign, or let walk, each of its 16 free agents. We start off by considering longtime center Olin Kreutz.
July 2, 2011

Center of Attention

Bears stalwart center Olin Kreutz, currently a free agent, is expected to return to Chicago. Yet the 34-year-old will surely be tempted by numerous offers from other teams around the league.
July 2, 2011