McGee is the Band-Aid Applied to Injury

The job of the tight end has changed drastically over McGee's ten-year career. Tight ends used to be in the line-up to block first and catch passes later. Recently, the position has become more hybrid and specialized. Some are in the game to block and others, like McGee and Dudley, are in to be offensive weapons down the field. An illustration of this can be found in watching the last two NFL drafts; tight ends are the new hot commodity.
September 4, 2003

McGee a Long Term Solution?

When Tony McGee signed with the Dallas Cowboys last week, it could only be looked upon as a short term solution at tight end.
May 6, 2002

McGee Signs with the Cowboys

The Cowboys took another step in the right direction Saturday afternoon by signing veteran tight end Tony McGee. McGee signed a three-year contract that will earn him $1.05 million this season.
April 27, 2002