Driver back to work

Two long weeks after suffering a hamstring strain, wider receiver Donald Driver returned to practice. <p> Driver is still hampered by the injury which kept him out of action since July 27, but he returned to form during two-minute drills at Clarke Hinkle Field.<P>
August 11, 2003

Comeback win over Falcons cause for concern

If this were the regular season, the Packers' 27-21 win over Atlanta Saturday night would be called a happy ending.<P> Instead, the Packers will have to address the game's bad beginning.<p>
August 9, 2003

NFL Draft Countdown: Packers by Position

Today: Cornerbacks. Next: Safeties<P> One position that finds its way toward the top of everyone's draft list is cornerback. They seem to go early and often, no matter what the talent pool or teams' needs dictate. In his pre-draft press conference this week, head coach/GM Mike Sherman noted that the Packers' are indeed shopping for a cornerback/kick returner. <P>
April 23, 2003