Camp's Over, Roster Battles Aren't

The Vikings are done with camp at Mankato, but the fights to win roster spots are very much ongoing. We look at some of the key battles and who is in the lead.
August 22, 2006

Notebook: Who's No. 2?

Tarvaris Jackson made a strong bid to become the permanent No. 2 quarterback, and his effort may have been helped by Mike McMahon's struggles for the second consecutive game. Plus, get more than 40 game notes and statistics that help tell the complete story of Saturday's 17-10 win over the Steelers.
August 19, 2006

McMahon Looking to Prove, Improve

Quarterback Mike McMahon has heard about the talk of the Vikings being in trouble if Brad Johnson goes down, and, while he commented on that thinking, he also explains how he's maturing as a quarterback.
August 12, 2006

Surprise Receivers at Vikings Camp

While Troy Williamson might actually be more effective in the West Coast offense – a surprising statement to some – another younger receiver has been looking good the last couple of days at training camp.
July 29, 2006

Backups Track Records Are Shaky

The Vikings' faith in Brad Johnson's ability to run the West Coast offense with aplomb may be justified, but if Johnson succumbs to injury in 2006, there are still some serious questions about the track records of the backups.
July 15, 2006

Mike McMahon Stats

A look at the career statistics of quarterback Mike McMahon.
March 25, 2006

Mike McMahon Photo Gallery

A look at some the Associated Press' best pictures from Mike McMahon's career.
March 25, 2006

McMahon Has At Least Shown Heart & Poise

Heart. Determination. Poise. Grit. They're all things that Philadelphians believe in and love and they're all things that contribute to winning in the NFL. Unfortunately, those things alone don't guarantee success and Mike McMahon has found that out this season.
December 29, 2005