Lions release Elliss, Stewart and Schroeder

The release of Elliss was expected, the only consideration was if the Lions would release him now, or wait until June 1 to avoid have the pro-rated portion of his signing bonus accelerate into this year's salary cap. They decided to move now.
March 2, 2004

Revenge of the former Lion? Claiborne lights fire

Claiborne was extremely critical of Lions management for what he says were attempts to sabatoge his plans for free agency. He clearly believes reports that Lions managment sent negative reports about his work ethic and his weight to other teams around the league.
September 18, 2003

Game Notes: Big Day, Big Plays

The Packers cured a lot of ailments from last week with a big day vs. the Lions at Lambeau Field.<p>
September 14, 2003

Game Day Countdown: Trivia Time

With just two days to go until Opening Day, Packer fans are anticipating the memories that will be made as their team officially opens the refurbished Lambeau Field. Here's a trivia trip down memory lane, recalling past Lambeau Field openers.<P>
September 5, 2003