TE Situation Bleak

As reported last week, the Jim Kleinsasser injury and Byron Chamberlain suspension have left the Vikes crippled at the TE spot. That took an ugly turn Friday, as that depletion forced a cut to field a team at the position.
August 9, 2003

Nothing Certain At Fullback

The Vikings have no rock-solid plan at fullback. Instead, they are waiting for one of their young prospects to prove himself. See what running backs coach Dean Dalton has to say about the prospects and the future of the position. … Plus, analysis on Onterrio Smith.
July 8, 2003

Q&A: With RBs Coach Dean Dalton

The Vikings drafting Onterrrio Smith in the fourth round opened up a number of questions for the offensive backfield. Running backs coach Dean Dalton addresses them.
May 15, 2003

Jeremy Allen Stats

A look at the running back's career statistics.
March 9, 2003

McGahee Injury Affects Vikings

You wouldn't think that a player the Vikings never had any personal interest in could affect their draft, but, like Joey Harrington last year, Willis McGahee was (emphasis on was) going to be critical to the Vikings 2003 draft.
January 15, 2003

Kleinsasser Early Key to Free Agency

With money to spend, the status of Jim Kleinsasser is going to be paramount for the Vikings to gameplan for free agency.
January 4, 2003