Franchise tag an issue for some, not Vikings

There were some tense moments for several NFL teams this week after using the franchise tag. It is a problem the Vikings have never really had in the 24-year history of the franchise tag.
July 17, 2016

Jay Cutler: Next Saints Quarterback?

Do you remember when Nick Saban & his South Beach medical staff told Drew Brees that his shoulder was not "sound enough" to be the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins? Well, Sean Payton certainly does...because if Brees hadn't come to New Orleans, Jay Cutler might have been in the Who Dat Nation. Welcome to the best NFL Scouting Combine footage from 2006. And for the rest of the's Daunte Culpepper working out for you?
February 23, 2016

Stafford Likely Out As Injury Bug Hits

The Detroit Lions will likely rest Matthew Stafford on Sunday, paving the way for veteran Daunte Culpepper's first start of the season. Injury bug takes its toll on team ...
October 9, 2009

Lions Notebook: Culpepper to Start?

Daunte Culpepper turned down a chance to be Pittsburgh's backup quarterback last season. Next week, he might have the opportunity to start against them. More news and notes inside ...
October 5, 2009

Ketchman: Release or Trade Culpepper -- Now

Veteran backup quarterbacks, in the final year of a contract are a luxury. After naming Matthew Stafford the team's starter, Detroit must make a move on Daunte Culpepper -- and soon, according to Detroit Lions capologist George Ketchman.
September 8, 2009

Forever No. 1: Stafford Named Starter

Jim Schwartz announced Monday that rookie Matthew Stafford will be the team's starting QB.
September 7, 2009