Jeff Kostrewa Stats

A look at the tight end's career stats.
January 10, 2004

Tuesday PM Report from Berea

Here is today's news from Berea, including the first word on today's roster cuts, Andre Davis getting ready to go, and more wisdom from Mr. Gerard Warren. Get it here first!!
August 26, 2003

Monday PM Report from Berea

Mike brings us the scoop from today's session out in Berea. The Browns practiced this afternoon, and Mike brings us news on William Green, a new face as the nickel back, and the Browns predictably playing down a sidelines confrontation last Saturday involving Gerard Warren.
August 25, 2003

Tice Runs Team Hard After Loss

With roster spots on the line this week, Coach Mike Tice wasn't pleased with the team's effort vs. the Chiefs Saturday. The result? One of the harder practices of the preseason Monday.
August 19, 2003

Tighter Tight End Race

The competition for a very limited number of roster spots at tight end is getting tighter every day, making preseason games even more important for the guys battling for a paycheck at that position.
August 5, 2003