WATCH: Historic 1998 season highlights

With Dennis Green dying one week ago, NFL Media released highlights of the 1998 season, reminding just how good that offense was with Cris Carter, Randy Moss and Robert Smith (check out Carter’s blocking on several Smith runs). Also, below are some of Green’s mic’d-up moments from 1998.
July 29, 2016

Zimmer, Spielman remember Dennis Green

Two of the men responsible for constructing the modern-day Vikings remember Dennis Green’s time with the franchise and trying to prepare to face him.
July 23, 2016

Podcast: Stadium, money and deep passing

With the stadium now complete, what does the inside look like? It’s even more impressive, but the Vikings will soon be realizing the money to pay for it.
July 20, 2016

Franchise tag an issue for some, not Vikings

There were some tense moments for several NFL teams this week after using the franchise tag. It is a problem the Vikings have never really had in the 24-year history of the franchise tag.
July 17, 2016

Straight-talk Moss

Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback caught up with Randy Moss to discuss an array of topics this week. As usual, Moss didn't disappoint.
July 16, 2016

Holler: Is the Pack really back?

While the national media is predicting a return to greatness in one of the flyover divisions, the Minnesota Vikings may have something to say about revisionist history.
July 1, 2016

All-time Minnesota Vikings draft team

Every team believes it has the smartest war room in the league. Given the 53-man All-Draft roster of the Minnesota Vikings, a case could be made that they might be one of the smartest.
April 17, 2016

German wideout loves the Vikings

German rookie wide receiver Moritz Boehringer has become a pre-draft sensation, but his connection to the Minnesota Vikings may give the team a leg up on signing him if he doesn't get drafted.
April 14, 2016