WSU recruiting center now Steve Gleason Suite

IN CRIMSON circles, Glenn Osterhout is a little bit like Cher or Fabio. No last name is needed. His multi-faceted support of Washington State over the years means the Bellevue wealth management executive and founder of the CougsFirst! business network knows seemingly everyone who has ever donned a Wazzu shirt or ballcap.
August 3, 2016

'Holy crap, Steve Gleason is actually here!'

IN MY 18 YEARS on Earth, which is to say my 18 years on Planet Coug, I have played catch with Ryan Leaf, chatted up Klay Thompson and been too nervous to ask Drew Bledsoe for an autograph even while sitting next to him at a game.
July 30, 2016

Pearl Jam & Steve Gleason's Special Bond

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has provided countless "special moments" in its near half century existence. But very few of them could parallel what the crowd witnessed Saturday evening with one of the Crescent City's biggest heroes, Steve Gleason and his favorite band, Pearl Jam. Every Saints fan who watched Gleason's famous blocked punt against the Atlanta Falcons in 2006, remembers exactly where they were. The same thing holds true for this incredible Jazz Fest moment...
April 23, 2016

New Orleans Weeps for Will Smith

Much like the rest this week in New Orleans, Friday was an extremely tough day for many of the Crescent City's mourning residents. Not only was former player, scout, broadcaster, and Saints folk hero, Hokie Gajan laid to rest across the lake today, Will Smith's memorial service was also held at the New Orleans Saints practice facility this afternoon. It was wonderful to see the warmth and love throughout the emotional are my thoughts and observations of the event.
April 15, 2016

Best Pro Rivalry South of Mason-Dixon Line

New Orleans-Atlanta...Atlanta-New Orleans...Saints-Falcons...Falcons-Saints. Whichever order you prefer to say it, just the mere mention of these two proud cities & teams in the same breath gets the blood boiling on both sides. From Manning to Bartkowski, Big Ben to Grover Klemmer, Dome Patrol to Michael Haynes...or more recently, Vick, Brees, Payton, Matty Ice & Steve Gleason. Without question, it's the South's best pro sports rivalry. Hope you enjoy this nostalgic trip down memory lane...
January 2, 2016