Chargers Camp: Tuesday 8/12 AM Notes

The San Diego Chargers were back in pads for Tuesday morning's workout. Other than the ongoing stadium situation, the big news coming from Charger camp was the release of two players....
August 12, 2003

Unexpected Cut

The cuts have started for the San Diego Chargers...and the news is surprising to say the least as a Charger veteran has been released this morning...
August 12, 2003

Charger's Camp Report Saturday August 2, 2003

<b>"Take a Mulligan"</b><br><br> The tenor and tempo of the Charger's most recent camp outings have not been to Coach Schottenheimer's liking, and today was no different. After starting individual group drills, Schottenheimer was so under whelmed with the collective effort that he pushed the jumbo reset button. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars. The team started again by stretching and going back to redo the day's assignments.
August 3, 2003

One Family to Another

In the final piece of our interview with Kent Sump, father of undrafted free agent Brian Sump, we focus on support and his collegiate career. Brian is looking to become a member of the San Diego Chargers family in any role when the season opens. <br><br> "The support in your family is phenomenal," I say. "Are you spread across the globe? Are you adopting?"
July 17, 2003

Recapping Thursday's Mini-Camp

It is fitting that the catch of the day went to David Boston one of the newest San Diego Chargers and perhaps the most prized. Yet he is only one piece of the puzzle. How did the rest of the team do today?<br><br> Let's find out as we recap Thursday's Mini-Camp with plenty of notes yet to be seen…
June 13, 2003

A Day Off

Everybody is entitled to a day off now and again, but not many undrafted free agents dare take it when they can be studying the playbook, watch some film and work on whatever the San Diego Chargers coaches may have asked…
June 6, 2003


<b>Oh oh...</b><br><br> The San Diego Chargers have signed a very raw WR named Onome Ojo. <br><br> Ojo only played two years of College football at UC Davis, and had basically zero football exposure before that.
June 5, 2003