Charles Stackhouse Stats

A look at the career statistics of fullback Charles Stackhouse.
January 11, 2004

Turning Point: Failed Execution

The Vikings entered the second half down by only three points, but that changed quickly when they failed to execute a key play and the Rams followed up with 28 straight points.
November 30, 2003

Lurtsema's Reaction: Fun When It Clicks

While the attention is on Gus Frerotte and Randy Moss for their performances against San Francisco, it was a role player on offense and another defense that caught my eye.
September 28, 2003

Tice Toughness Showing Through

Head coach Mike Tice is building a team with mental toughness, and his message is getting across to players who see him severing ties with players "without the extreme passion."
September 12, 2003

Roster Refinement Continues

Mike Tice continues to fine-tune his 53-man roster and slowly gain experience. This time it was a veteran fullback being added while a rookie fullback was released.
September 10, 2003