Berea Report: Lewis Boast Blown Out of Proportion

Mike reports on all today's doings from Berea, including more on Jamal Lewis' proported phone call to Andra Davis prior to his record-setting day. Plus: roster moves, Ray Lewis shrugs off the Browns, and so does the Pro Bowl...
December 17, 2003

Grading the Draft: NY Giants

Since the elevation of Ernie Acorsi to the general manager post, the Giants have not been an organization that keeps draft day secrets close to the vest. Quite to the contrary; they are one of the few franchises who constantly show their hands. It was quite easy to read where the franchise was focusing during the early rounds of the draft even before the event started on April 26th.
May 7, 2003

New Signings

The Giants signed four players and allocated them, as well as two other players, to NFL Europe for its 2003 season. NFL Europe kicks off its 11th season on April 5.
February 3, 2003

Give Grundy his due

A NC State player has played well enough to have a chance to be on the all ACC first team. The drought has been long, as Todd Fuller was the last Wolfpacker to make the cut in 1996. The writers have begun to question why NC State has been successful this year. They are starting to point fingers right at Anthony Grundy.
January 29, 2002