Should He Stay or Should He Go? Shawn Barber

With Shawn Barber coming off injuries when the Eagles signed him to a one-year deal, they weren't sure exactly what to expect. What they got was everything that they could have hoped for as Barber became a key part of the Eagles nickel package and was the teams top coverage linebacker this past season.
February 17, 2007

Analyzing The Early Signings

A lot of teams took early jumps into signing players who became free agents when they were cut by teams moving salary off their books. The Eagles brought Shawn Barber back and St.Louis brought back fan favorite Isaac Bruce in two of the bigger moves. Here's a look at who has done what, so far.
March 11, 2006

Shawn Barber Press Conference Transcript

The Eagles hope to have a rejuvenated Shawn Barber on their defense in 2006. Reports are that he's in incredible shape and healthy enough to contribute to a revamped Eagles defense.
March 9, 2006

Eagles Get Do-Over With Barber

The Eagles let Shawn Barber go after a one-year deal in 2002 and he went on to have a career year in 2003. Of course, after that, injuries derailed his career, but now, he's healthy and returning to Philadelphia.
March 8, 2006

Shawn Barber Visits Philadelphia

The Eagles may be getting an itchy trigger finger. Former Eagle Shawn Barber is in Philly to go through a workout and take a physical with the Eagles in anticipation of possibly signing with the team as early as today.
March 8, 2006