Brad Childress Press Conference : 11-11-05

Whether he has to readjust the offense with WR Terrell Owens not being here: "I don't think you really need to readjust it. I would say that you are attacking the defense that you see with the plays that attack that defense. There is going to be another guy in there, I think [WR] Reggie [Brown] will do a great job of attacking those defenses. Really you are calling it scheme wise, he may be the first look or the last look, but you are attacking a scheme."
November 11, 2005

Eagles Postscript

Going in to Sunday's game against the visiting Atlanta Falcons, most felt the Eagles' defense had to limit the amount of big plays from quarterback Michael Vick and do a good job against their running game in order to win the game.
January 24, 2005

Training Camp Two days way: Today, Rookie Report

As Friday night's meetings with rookies, free agents and selected veterans draws closer, and the opening practice on Saturday is right around the corner here at EaglesInsider we will profile the top four draft picks made by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2003 draft. These players can be seen up close and personally this weekend and throughout the next month at Lehigh University for Eagles training camp 2003.
July 24, 2003

Meet the Eagles: Chad Lewis

<b><i> Each day leading up to training camp, EaglesInsider will profile an Eagles starter to get you ready for the upcoming season.</i> Today we'll take a look at starting tight end Chad Lewis. Once a solid Pro-Bowler, Lewis seems to have passed his prime. His production has decreased over the past two seasons, and with rookie L.J. Smith waiting in the wings, his days as an Eagle may be numbered.</b>
July 14, 2003

NFC East Position Breakdown: tight ends

<b>Each week leading up to the season, <i>EaglesInsider</i> will break down all the positions for every team in the NFC EAST. This week: Tight Ends. The NFC East lacks talent at the TE position, with guys like Zeron Flemingster, and the ancient Chad Lewis. However, young studs like Jeremy Shockey, and L.J Smith should put a little more spunk in the NFC East tight end position. Let's get started.
July 14, 2003