Parry's Inspiration Comes From Family

The fullback signed by the Seahawks on September 2nd to back up Mack Strong and replace Leonard Weaver is a study in determination and heart. And according to Josh Parry, the qualities that have kept him in the NFL against the odds since 2001 are nothing compared to those of his brother's.
September 6, 2006

Analysis: Seattle's Final 53

Now that the final cuts have been made, Seahawks.NET takes an in-depth look at the Seattle roster, position-by-position. We know all about the shoo-ins - now, we can talk about the roleplayers and "depth guys" so crucial to the kind of continued success any team hopes to enjoy.
September 2, 2006

Seahawks Announce Final Cuts

The Seattle Seahawks have announced the names of the players they have waived, placed on injured reserve, and whose veteran contracts have been terminated in order to bring the team's roster in line with the league-mandated limit of 53.
September 2, 2006