Barking Mad: Brave, Brave Sir Hallen

Michael Desmond takes a look a look at genuine (alleged) courage under fire (allegedly).
August 16, 2006

Browns Scuttlebutt: Hallen's Hasty Exit

The Cleveland Browns are madly searching for some Bond-o and duct tape to patch their offensive line due to the loss of Bob Hallen. Some parts of the timeline with Hallen, though, just aren't making sense. John Taylor brings some new info to light to help you fill in the blanks...
August 12, 2006

OBR News and World Report: 8/9

"Things fall apart; the center cannot hold... " Yeah, right. Yeats was full of hooey. Whoever winds up as the Browns center may wind up holding a whole heck of a lot unless he wants Charlie Frye to get killed. Here's John Taylor's take on things on The Day After Hallen Bailed...
August 9, 2006

Breaking: Hallen Considering Retirement

From Berea: Scott Petrak is reporting that Bob Hallen is not in Berea and is considering retirement due to both physical and personal issues. More details this evening on the OBR Radio Program on!
August 8, 2006

Camp Notes: Bob Hallen Hurt

The Cleveland Browns had Bob Hallen around in case something bad happened to one of the team's free agent offensive linemen. Something did. But what happens if Bob Hallen is hurt? The Browns might be about to find out.
August 7, 2006

Hallen In the Middle of It All

The Browns had a lot of hopes pinned on their big-ticket free agent acquisition, LeCharles Bentley. With his season suddenly gone, another player with local roots steps in to fill the void. The OBR's Fred Greetham talks to Bob Hallen about the challenge he now faces...
July 28, 2006

Bentley Gone: What Next?

Despite the loss of C LeCharles Bentley darkening the day of Browns fans everywhere, the NFL season creeps closer. The Browns are now left to figure out what to do to fill the gaping hole left behind. NFL Sources tell the OBR what decisions have already been made, and who they feel the team should turn to now...
July 27, 2006