Five Redskins to be Released

According to multiple sources, Joe Gibbs has contacted five Redskins and has informed them that they will be relased regardless of the outcome of the CBA negotiations. Here we look at the particulars of each player and how the releases will affect the team in 2006.
March 8, 2006

Rabach agrees

The Redskins have opened the 2005 free agency period in a much different, but much welcomed, fashion: by addressing a need that isn't glamorous.
March 2, 2005


It's a safe bet the Redskins will target offensive linemen this offseason. Just listen to the words of one coach, who's not even on offense. <br><br> ''Our line was terrible,'' he told a friend.
January 20, 2005

AJ Smith on the moves

Speculation was running rampant over the last few weeks on who the San Diego Chargers would release in anticipation of the free agency period. Surprises were few and far between as the team decided against bringing back many players, are working on other deals with their own unrestricted free agents to bring them back and have left the door open on yet others. General Manager AJ Smith broke the news.
March 3, 2004