Roster Moves

<p>Fullback Fred McCrary, Tight End Andy Mignery and Wide Receiver JJ Stokes were released by the team this week.</p> <p>These roster moves are just the beginning of expected camp cuts as the team begins preparation for getting under the 65 player limit on Tuesday.</p>
August 27, 2004

Insider Report

<p>As the regular season approaches, we bring you information on position battles, roster changes and the current outlook for the team</p> <p>This story was an Insiders Premium story which we bring to you FREE, yes free, as a tease.</P> <p>Get Inside to see all the other great Patriots news available to subscribers.</p>
August 19, 2004

Larry Centers returns to the Patriots

The Patriots have re-signed fullback Larry Centers and have released WR JJ Stokes...
December 10, 2003