Senior Bowl: Trent Dilfer Reviews the QBs

Though his best days as a player may be behind him, former Seahawks quarterback Trent Dilfer has forgotten more about the game than most people, and some players, will ever know. As his career has taken a turn from starter to backup/mentor in San Francisco, Dilfer has used his intelligence, devotion to film study and good humor to make an impression as a football analyst.
January 25, 2008

Trent Dilfer Evaluates Senior Bowl QBs

Veteran NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer is in Mobile, Alabama to help cover the Under Armour Senior Bowl on Saturday for the NFL Network. He talked with's Ed Thompson about some of the QBs and three wide receivers you should keep an eye on during Saturday's game. Get the details inside...
January 25, 2008

Browns Deal Dilfer to 49ers

The 2005 starting quarterback gets his wish as he leaves Cleveland, and offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon, in the rear view mirror. The Browns get QB Ken Dorsey and an undisclosed draft choice in exchange...
May 4, 2006

Owl: The Legendary Veteran Backup

Our feathered friend looks at the situation at quarterback, as Trent Dilfer seeks escape velocity from Cleveland. Is there such a thing as a happy veteran backup quarterback? If so, where do you find one? What sort of care and feeding does it need? These questions, and more, are pondered by The Owl...
May 4, 2006

Player Status Update

A mid-February update on free agents and injured players...
February 19, 2006

Hasselbeck/Alexander - The Friday Interviews

Seattle's elite quarterback and running back met with the national media on Friday. No doubt most of you have already seen snippets on TV, and now you can read what Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander had to say about the NFC Championship and the Carolina Panthers.
January 21, 2006

Practice Notes: Dilfer Feels Better

Here is the latest from Friday's practice in Berea, where Trent Dilfer continues to battle back, and where there is little consensus among the linemen who who is basketball's best player. Really. Here's the latest...
December 2, 2005