Class Of '99 - Long Live The King???

Aaron Burtner reminisces, reflects and ruminates on Lamar King - the poster child for a draft most Seahawk fans would rather forget.
May 15, 2004

Holmgren weekly press conference

The 5-2 Seahawks will try to improve on their 4-0 home record when they taken on the (2-5) Pittsburgh Steelers at Seahawks Stadium on Sunday. Both teams are coming of losses, Seattle 27 to 24 at Cincinnati and Pittsburgh 33 to 21 to St. Louis at Heinz Field. Seattle holds a 7-6 advantage against the Pittsburgh. Seattle has won the last three games played in Seattle dating back to 1986. Here is what Head Coach Mike Holmgren had to say about the Steelers during his weekly press conference.
October 30, 2003