News & Notes: Is Walter On the Mend?

There's a chance the Seattle Seahawks' best offensive lineman could be ready for an early-season, NFC West division showdown with the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. However, Seahawks head coach Jim Mora is taking a wait-and-see approach to whether or not Walter Jones will play this weekend.
September 17, 2009

NFC West News & Notes - 10/10/06

In today's News & Notes: Seattle gets back to work after a week off (key offensive weapon in tow), the Rams celebrate another edge-of-their-seats win, the 49ers take another step forward, and the Cardinals pay, once again, for ignoring their offensive line.
October 10, 2006

GameScout: Seahawks at Lions

After seven agonizing months of hype, speculation, muckraking and woolgathering, the real season is upon us. For the Seattle Seahawks, it means that they will finally be able to do more than read snarky press clippings and try to forget how last season ended. Now, they try once again to bring it all home. Here's a blow-by-blow matchup preview of the Seahawks and Lions.
September 9, 2006

Plausible Deniability, Part One

"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!" Yes, just when your intrepid Editor had decided to put the debacle that was Super Bowl XL behind him, up came that magical, mystical Head Zebra. Bad trip, dude...because after what we heard on the NFL Network today, things seem more confusing than ever.
February 15, 2006

Seahawks.NET Power Rankings- Wildcard Edition

Welcome to Week One of the Playoff Power Rankings. Rankings are based upon a team's likelihood of winning the Super Bowl, NOT necessarily on who the hotter or better team is. For instance, the likelihood of a Wildcard even reaching the Super Bowl is slim, therefore the Week One road teams make up the bottom four in the rankings.
January 3, 2006