King Hopes to Return to Indy

Quarterback Shaun King was disappointed when he learned of his release by the Colts. But he's still hopeful that he could return to the team. In this exclusive interview, he shares his thoughts on that topic, wide receiver John Standeford, and which other team has already called him.
September 6, 2006

Five Questions With Shaun King

Colts quarterback Shaun King talked with ColtPower's Ed Thompson about learning that he was being reunited with Tony Dungy, why he's a good match for the Colts' offensive scheme, what he's learning from Peyton Manning and more!
July 28, 2006

Shaun King Provides Valuable Experiences

Before reporting for his first training camp with the Colts, quarterback Shaun King had some important business in New York. Through his vision with the Shaun King Foundation, he provides a unique experience for young people.
July 25, 2006

What They Have to Do on Sunday Week 12-Late Games

<b><u>New Orleans at Atlanta</u></b> <br><b> What the Saints have to do to win:</b> <br> Offensively, they are going to have to possess the ball for at long as possible in order to keep their lowest ranked defense off of the field.
November 28, 2004