Scout NFL Roundtable: Jobs in Jeopardy?

Which NFL veteran on your team is going to face the toughest training camp challenge to hold onto his starter's job? And who's going to be the primary candidate to push him to the bench? That's the question we posed to our NFL team experts.
July 17, 2007


Vindication for being doubted, or the signs that the Patriots are not only back, but ready for another postseason charge? Saturday was a game that was supposed to be a test for the Patriots, and another challenge for the improving Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It turned into a one-sided affair that left every indication New England is ready while Tampa Bay has some work to do. Get inside for both team report cards.
December 20, 2005

Buccaneers: Playoff Hopes Still Alive

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have a good chance to make the playoffs even after a 28-0 beating put on them by the New England Patriots in Foxboro. Playing in the cold and on the road were two big disadvantages for the young team to overcome. Playing against an experienced Super Bowl team getting healthy again, proved to be too much. Ryan Nece, who ran into P Josh Miller extending a Patriots scoring drive, said, "You can't dwell on it [the loss]." He and the team have two games left to move on.
December 20, 2005

Patriots Dominate Tampa Bay 28-0

Sometimes it's predicable, sometimes it's a surprise, but the latest win by the Patriots over a Jon Gruden coached team was anything but lucky. The New England Patriots dominated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from start to finish to secure their place in the postseason. Tampa Bay tried their best to make a game of it, but the savvy Belichick led defense was too much for the inexperienced Chris Simms. Patriots move on to the postseason while Tampa falls back a half-game in the NFC South.
December 17, 2005

Inside the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It wasn't too long ago that the Buccaneers were Super Bowl champions. But since that magical 2002 season, they haven't made the playoffs. With that being the case, they're looking to get back on top.
April 16, 2005