Camp Report Summary - Day 8

The Redskins offensive line should be a strength, though it's not always evident in practice. The linemen say they have meshed off the field and that's a big plus. And they've gotten to know one another as more than just football players, stemming from lunches and dinners together (including some at Morton's).
August 4, 2003

Camp Report Summary - Day 1

Wanna find out what happened on the first day of camp? Who was hot and who was not? We have all the details here for you.
July 28, 2003

Scouting the Offensive Line

Insiders will take a look at each position, analyzing the Redskins' strengths and weaknesses. Today we look at the Offensive line. Key players: LT Chris Samuels, LG Dave Fiore, C Larry Moore, RG Randy Thomas, RT Jon Jansen.
July 16, 2003

Its Official, Akili Smith Hits Unemployment Line

The Bengals made official on Monday what has been expected for the past few days - the Akili Smith era is over in Cincinnati.
June 2, 2003

Camp Report: Tuesday

The heat returned today and it's likely it'll stick around a few days. That's not a problem. Daryl Gardener's back is, however. What's up with the back? And how did the defense look today? Then there's another comment from Fred Smoot worth repeating.
August 13, 2002

Q&A With: Rod Jones

Rod Jones jumped at the opportunity to play right guard for Washington, even though he never played it before during his first six seasons. But the 6-foot-5, 355-pound Jones knows what it takes to play there and the Redskins say he has the size to do well. Jones, who played for St. Louis last year, also knows what it takes for a team to be successful. Here's one surprise: he says the Redskins have ''lots more talent'' than St. Louis did.
May 28, 2002