Chargers' Exclusive, Restricted Outlook

After the season ended, before even the Super Bowl, the writers here at <a href=""></a> each took a look at the possibility of each player returning. This was initial reactions and honest assessments without any of the new knowledge gained since then that may influence the hard look at players. The following is a look at the restricted free agents and exclusive free agents of note.
February 25, 2004

The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain

The San Diego Chargers won 24-3 on Friday night and some things were decided while other things have left fans wondering what the season will bring and if it will come back to haunt us. Among the concerns are kickoffs, while the work of the second team defensive ends has fans anticipating constant pressure on the quarterback.
August 31, 2003

The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain

In our weekly segment we break down game tape watching it two and three times to determine what worked, what didn't and what is still up for grabs.
August 25, 2003

Complete Chargers 19 Texans 17 Recap

Reliant Stadium- This is a complete recap of the Houston Texans vs. San Diego Chargers game and may appear to be somewhat messy, but fear not, all the juicy details are here. Feel like you were at the game, or at least watching it if you missed it as the Chargers beat the Texans 19-17 in the final minute of the game.
August 24, 2003

Preseason game #3, Time To Get Serious

The third preseason game against the Houston Texans should prove to be the most important for the San Diego Chargers. With cut's coming soon here's what's on tap...
August 23, 2003