Interview with Danny Wuerffel

Danny Wuerffel lead the University of Florida to their first National Championship back in 1996. He was the 1996 Heisman Trophy winner, which is the biggest honor in college football. He is known of college football's greatest players, but never made a consistent career in the NFL. He spent six years in the NFL playing for various teams. He is now retired and looking forward to his future in community and city projects.
May 24, 2004

Training Camp Ends

Now that three weeks of two-a-days has ended, it's time to recap the, um, fun. Best hit: It's obvious, isn't it? Safety Matt Bowen's de-cleating of running back Trung Canidate. No hit excited the defense more than that one. Come on..keep reading...
August 15, 2003

Camp Report Summary - Day 15

The Redskins signed defensive tackle James Cannida today. But don't expect him to perform miracles. Here's what we know about Cannida: the coach who knew him best--Tony Dungy--no longer wanted him. Not sure why: maybe Cannida is too banged up. He battled injury problems last season. In addition today was an explosive day at Redskins Park, lots of tidbits...
August 11, 2003

Analyze This

They couldn't stop the run. They couldn't reach the end zone. And they committed too many penalties. Just an all-around bad night for the Redskins, 20-0 losers to Carolina on Saturday. Here's the tale of the tape on who looked bad and, believe it or not, who looked good.
August 10, 2003

The Good, the Bad and the in Between

After nearly two weeks, it's time to take a look at what has gone right and what's gone wrong so far in Redskins training camp.
August 7, 2003