Raiders sign Josh Booty

The Oakland Raiders signed quarterback Josh Booty on Wednesday. The former sixth round pick has been out of football since 2003.
March 21, 2007

Booty Leaves, Holcomb Speaks

Mike McLain reports on the days events in Berea. Here's a recap of the items we've been covering, including the waiving of Josh Booty, Barry Stokes ankle problems, and the signing of Craig Osika. Mike also reports on Kelly Holcomb's remarks to the press today, and how the Browns starting quarterback is looking at the offensive problems...
September 17, 2003

More on the Booty (Waiver) Call

Lane Adkins gets the first reaction from inside the Browns on the decision to waive Josh Booty... plus what a prominent scout thinks of the Browns situation and Butch Davis' decisions!
September 17, 2003

Booty Waived, Osika Signed

Yesterday, relayed that the <A HREF="">Browns were interested in signing OL Craig Osika</A> to the 53-man roster. The team confirmed that today, and waived Josh Booty in order to make room for Osika on the roster. Developing...
September 17, 2003

An Owl's Eye View of the Quarterbacks

The Owl is omnipresent in Berea. He is with the team as they practice, as they work, as they struggle to win. He has been there for the greatest moments, and the worst. He has watched Tim Couch from the moment he has arrived, and now offers us his thoughts as the Browns prepare for quarterback battle that, somehow, is slated to be over before training camp starts.
March 13, 2003