Special Teams Frustrations Mount

Dennis Northcutt victimized by penalties again and again...
October 18, 2005

Jameson Making Big Plays

Fred Greetham reports from Monday's practice in Berea, where five-year veteran Michael Jameson talked about what might be his toughest fight ever for a roster spot. Also: Updates on the Browns walking wounded, including Doug Johnson and Brodney Pool...
August 22, 2005

Direct Quotes: Day 7 (Defense)

Rich talks to David McMillan, Chaun Thompson, and Michael Jameson...
August 5, 2005

Jameson Sets His Sights on Starting

Out of the sight of many Browns fans, a new contender for a starting job has emerged this Summer. Browns safety Michael Jameson has overcome injuries which threatened his career, and now he's setting his sights on a starting job in the Browns backfield. Dave Carducci talked to the hard-hitting strong safety...
August 24, 2004

Safety in Numbers Falls by One

With the loss of Sean Jones, the Browns find themselves back to where they were before the draft. Rich Swerbinsky takes a look at the Browns situation at safety and offers his thoughts on which players might be able to help the team step up at this important position. Photo: Earl Little (AP)
June 12, 2004

Position Battle Update

Our friends at TheInsiders.com have provided us with their thoughts on position battles on the Browns. This week's edition focuses on the quarterback competition between Couch and Holcomb, with some injury updates as well...
August 4, 2003