Redskins Park Update

The Redskins didn't solve all their problems, but they at least addressed them by trading for Saints defensive tackle Martin Chase, giving up a seventh-round pick (which becomes a sixth-round pick based on playing time).
August 20, 2003

Redskins Park Update

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey did not practice again today and was limited to throwing a racquetball to receiver Rod Gardner. The Redskins wanted him to at least do a throwing motion. But he still can't grip the ball.
August 19, 2003

The Monday After - New England

Ifeanyi Ohalete will start at safety this week, replacing David Terrell. But the Redskins say don't read too much into that: they just want to give Ohalete a shot at winning the job. We say: Terrell hasn't played well and the Redskins need to find someone who can.
August 18, 2003

Training Camp Ends

Now that three weeks of two-a-days has ended, it's time to recap the, um, fun. Best hit: It's obvious, isn't it? Safety Matt Bowen's de-cleating of running back Trung Canidate. No hit excited the defense more than that one. Come on..keep reading...
August 15, 2003

Camp Report Summary - Day 8

The Redskins offensive line should be a strength, though it's not always evident in practice. The linemen say they have meshed off the field and that's a big plus. And they've gotten to know one another as more than just football players, stemming from lunches and dinners together (including some at Morton's).
August 4, 2003

Camp Report Summary - Day 3

Redskins legendary quarterback Sonny Jurgensen called Chad Morton over to the sidelines this morning and had a question. ''Hey, Chad,'' Sonny said, ''are you taller than Rock?'' Morton just said, ''Oh, man,'' then turned and left. But it is debatable whether or not Rock Cartwright or Morton is taller.
July 30, 2003