Roster Cuts Include Some Surprises

There were some mild surprises among Sunday's set of final roster cuts, including WR Frisman Jackson (pictured), TE Darnell Sanders, and DE Mark Word. Here are the details...
September 5, 2004

Thursday QB School Practice Report

Want to try something different? Rather than the "story of the day", check out Barry's report from Thursday's Quarterback School practice - the only one that you will find on the web. Here's what the team practiced, who looked good, who didn't and other notes of interest. It's just like being there, except that you're, um, not.
May 27, 2004

The Word on Mark Word

Here at Bernie's Insiders, we try to cover events the same day they happen. We've also been asked by some subscribers to focus more on players and position battles which don't get daily attention in the press. With that in mind, Ron Jantz sought out Mark Word, who continues to make a compelling case that he should be on the field as much as possible... Here's Ron's report...
August 3, 2003