Chargers depth against injuries

Injuries are part of the game. They are inevitable facts that come with life in the NFL. Along the offensive and defensive line those injuries seem compounded. Depth is often a problem. No position on the San Diego Chargers roster can afford many slots designated for injures reserve and perhaps no spot is more vital than defensive tackle in the 3-4 where Jamal Williams mans the middle.
July 24, 2004

Chargers newest vocalist, Ken Veal

When talking about a nose tackle, most will picture a hard-nosed, disciplined player who has nary a moment for laughter. They are the pluggers in the middle of a line of mammoths and they are defined by their outward scowls. Enter Ken Veal, the most jovial lineman of his time. An undrafted free agent signed by the San Diego Chargers out of Georgia, Veal is the antithesis of a typical nose tackle – off the field.
July 2, 2004

Chargers added a slice of Veal

Nose tackles are the toughest of the tough. They tread the line that no one else dares enter and ward off hulking warriors looking to block the massive man in the middle so their running backs can see some daylight. Enter Ken Veal, a massive nose tackle that signed as an undrafted free agent with the San Diego Chargers. <br><br> Funny thing is, off the field he is a jovial gentleman who loves life.
May 17, 2004