Roster Cuts Contain Surprises

The Browns made some surprising moves in the process of trimming the team's roster to 53. Fred Greetham details the moves the team made this afternoon, including the release of NT Babatunde Oshinowo (pictured)...
September 2, 2006

Browns Still Look to Deal RB

Want a running back? Lee Suggs or William Green are still available if the Price is Right (applause). Now here's your host, Phil Savage!
August 21, 2006

Suggs Returns to Practice

The Browns running back was back on the field Wednesday afternoon...
August 16, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: The Reason Comes to Light

EXCLUSIVE TO THE OBR: We've been searching for the answer, and John Taylor found it. We've learned why the New York Jets rejected the Browns running back, and also learned about Lee Suggs' reaction to the news. Get the inside word right here, right now...
August 16, 2006

Inside Scoop: The Suggs Non-Trade

As you can expect, John Taylor has been digging into yesterday's "non-trade" between Browns and New York Jets. Here's more inside scoop on what happened - and what's next...
August 16, 2006

Suggs Fails Physical: Trade Off

More detail on the failed transaction between the Browns and Jets...
August 15, 2006

Behind the Suggs Deal

What most Browns sites will tell you is that Lee Suggs has been dealt to the New York Jets. John Taylor gets behind the scenes to tell you WHY Suggs was dealt for CB Derrick Strait. Here's the inside scoop, exclusively on the OBR!
August 14, 2006